Oct 122011
Rather than having the fur flying, why not take the fur flying? The secret to successful flying lies in the pre-flight effort you put in.

Some pets accompany their owners everywhere. Handbag dogs are one such group. Other owners have their favorite animal snuggled on a Continue reading »

Oct 122011
Find flights for trips with multiple destinations

The travel meta-search site momondo.com which joined the Cheapflights Media stable earlier this year has launched a new search engine enabling users to search for flight round trips with several stop-overs. Continue reading »

Sep 182010
Ryanair wins Spanish Court Victory Against “screen-scraper” Atrapalo

Ryanair, the world’s favourite lowcost airline, welcomed its victory in the Commercial Court of Barcelona (in a case brought by screen-scraper website Atrapalo), which confirmed that Ryanair is entitled under the Spanish Constitution to exclusively distribute its low fares. Continue reading »